China Longyuan Power International Credit Rating Up-regulated
Party Affair Training Strengthened to Promote Scientific Party Building
“Three-Strictness and Three-Solidness” Themed Education Starts in China Longyuan Power
China Longyuan Power Releases 2015 Q1 Results and Convenes a Global Teleconference for Investors
Zhang Xi Wins the Honor of "National Model Worker" and Receives Grand Commendation
China Longyuan Power holds 2015 Q1 Economic Activity Analysis Conference
China Longyuan Power Strengthening Party-Building Responsibility through Work Report of Party Committee Secretaries
China Longyuan Power Announces 2014 Annual Results
Qiao Baoping and Xie Changjun Attend the First 2015 General Meeting
China Longyuan Power Convenes the 2015 Working Conference on the Ideological Education of the Party-building and the Anti-corruption Construction
China Longyuan Power Leaders Meet Zhou Lianqing
China Longyuan Power “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian New Strategy and New Concept” Publication Activities Succeeds
First Themed Education of “Preventing Job-related Crimes, Promoting Anti-corruption and Integrity Building” Held by China Longyuan Power during Third Session of 2rd Worker’s Conference & 2015 Working Conference
Third Session of 2rd Worker’s Conference & 2015 Working Conference held in China Longyuan Power
China Longyuan Power Holds “Fighting for 300 Days and Ensuring Goal Attainment” Wind Power Development and Construction Labor Competition Promotion Meeting
China Longyuan Power Holds 2015 Special Seminar
Interview trip by CCTV in Longyuan Tibet Company
China Longyuan Power: Benefits Improvement Boosted by First-class Performance Management
Qiao Baoping Investigates in China Longyuan Power
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