China Longyuan Power Labor Union Wins the Title of “Home of Model Workers in China”
    The Labor Union of China Longyuan Power was granted with the honorable title of “Home of Model Workers in China” by All Federation of China Trade Unions (AFCTU) recently. This is the highest praise and honor from AFCTU for the work of basic-level labor unions, as well as the encouragement for achievements made by China Longyuan Power in aspects of maintaining worker’s rights and interests, propelling enterprise development and promoting social harmony. The selecting activity of  “Home of Model Workers in China” is conducted every five years.
    In recent years, The Labor Union of China Longyuan Power has, centering on the enterprise, actively launched the creating activity of “Home of Workers”, sufficiently exerted four functions including participation, maintenance, construction and education of labor unions, and made employees experience and participate in the creating work in person. Various production and operation indexes increase in successive years, democratic management, enterprise affairs opening, spirits and civilization, enterprise culture and employee team construction are carried forward positively, and labor relation keeps harmonious and stable, playing an active role in realizing sustainable and harmonious development of the enterprise.