Qiao Baoping Attends- “Three-Strictness and Three-Practices” -Themed Democratic Life Meeting of China Longyuan Power

 Site of Themed Democratic Life Meeting

  Qiao Baoping is delivering an important speech

    On Dec. 28, China Longyuan Power held the democratic life meeting of Leading Party Group themed as “three-strictness and three-practices”. Qiao Baoping, the Chairman and Secretary of Leading Party Group of China Guodian Corporation attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.
    Qiao Baoping affirmed fully the themed democratic life meeting of China Longyuan Power, and believed China Longyuan Power pay high attentions and made sufficient preparations; insisted on problem-orientation, and deeply touched thoughts; looked for truth and practices, and schemed for development; promoted righteousness with favorable atmosphere; cultivated themselves with self-discipline and self-warning, and the meeting was a high quality democratic life meeting.
    Qiao Baoping proposed requirements to leading group and cadres of China Longyuan Power in six aspects: the first is to set up ideal and faith; enhance the consciousness and determination keeping highly consistent with the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the General Secretary, sufficiently play the model role of leaders who are Party members for major issues of principle, follow political discipline and rules, and keep clear and sensible for political issues; the second is to enhance party building; firmly remember “central enterprises are governed by the Party”, implement responsibilities, focus on practice and solid work, be strict with assessments and push the party building to a new stage; secretaries of various levels of party organizations shall take responsibilities, clarify liabilities and achieve substantial results; the third is to strictly implement two responsibilities”; compared with discipline inspection responsibilities, the main responsibilities of leading party group are more important; the leading party group shall carefully implement requirements for rectification by central inspection group, carefully learn Honest and Self-discipline Norms of the Communist Party of China, and Disciplinary Sanction Regulations of the Communist Party of China, and not avoid, cover and hide problems discovered during party style and clean government construction, and dare to manage and control the problems strictly; the fourth is to play the model role of leaders and cadres; set models with high standards and strict requirements, carefully retrospect, be good at finding gaps, press themselves, be self-disciplined, regard rights, organization and masses with reverence; the fifth is to carefully implement centralized management and control; the affiliated units of China Longyuan Power are numerous and scattered with large management radius; the enterprise should firmly implement centralized management and control, strictly and practically control basic-level enterprises comprehensively and solidly; educate extensive cadres to live safe life by compliance incomes, behave frankly and work honestly; the sixth is to accelerate new energy development, which is the never-changing main theme of China Guodian Corporation and also complies with future demand of scientific development. The wind power installed capacity of China Longyuan Power ranks first in the world, and the enterprise shall own the first-class management level and economic benefits, and pay attention to development with good quality and benefits. Based on wind power development acceleration, the enterprise shall pay attention to photovoltaic industry, and expand overseas business actively, and consolidate and strengthen the new energy business combining the strategic planning of One Belt One Road”.
    In the meeting, the leading group and members of China Longyuan Power, according to requirements of “three-strictness and three-practice”, deeply checked main problems, and analyzed causes; carefully carried out criticism and self-criticism; total 15 problems of leadership group, 79 problems of group members were discovered, and 88 critical opinions were proposed.

  Persons in charge of relevant departments of China Guodian Corporation attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.