The Party Committee Directly under China Longyuan Power in Beijing Finishes General Selection Successfully
    On Dec. 10, the Third Representative Conference of the Party Committee directly under China Longyuan Power in Beijing was held. In the conference, the new members of Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission directly under China Longyuan Power in Beijing were elected. Li Enyi, the General Manager of China Longyuan Power presided over the conference, and Huang Qun, the Secretary of Leading Party Group delivered an important speech.
    Li emphasized in the summary speech that for building the first-rate new energy listed company, China Longyuan must insist on attaching equal importance to both material and spiritual civilization without any letup, and carry out the integrated management of party building and operation service under the same planning, the same deployment and the same inspection; insist on the policy of running enterprise depending on employees wholeheartedly, and unite and gather various levels of organizations and various aspects of workers. The Party members, especially leaders, shall implement double-responsibility for one post”, strengthen organizational concept and discipline awareness, and strive to be the one who knows politics well, plays a leading role for business and is the honest person in life.
    Regarding the work of Party Committee directly under China Longyuan Power, Huang Qun proposed requirements in six aspects: the first is to insist on education of ideal and faith, and strengthen ideology and politics and work style construction; the second is to clarify the definition of functional role, and guarantee to integrate into the center and serve the overall situations; the third is to strengthen basic organization construction, and lay a solid foundation for the work of party building; the fourth is to develop party members, and keep the advancement and purity of the Party; the fifth is to actually control party work style and clean government construction and ceaselessly perfect education supervision mechanism; and the sixth is to strengthen the construction of leading group of the Party Committee and discipline inspection commission directly under China Longyuan Power