Qiao Baoping Goes to Longyuan South Africa for Attending the Investigation and Survey
  Site of Investigation and Survey
    On December 5, Qiao Baoping, the Secretary of Leading Party Group and Chairman of China Guodian Corporation arrived at Longyuan Renewable Energy South Africa Ltd. for investigation and survey. Xu Mingjun, the Board Secretary, General Manager Assistant and Director of General Office of China Guodian Corporation, Li Enyi, the General Manager Assistant of China Guodian Corporation and General Manager of China Longyuan Power, Zhang Wenjian, Director of Technology and Comprehensive Industry Department, and Zhu Zhengang, Director of International Cooperation and Overseas Business Department accompanied the investigation. Li Enyi presided over the investigation and survey forum.
    Longyuan South Africa made a detailed work report in aspects of development process, management mode of projects in South Africa, key emphasis in work and risk prevention in engineering construction stage, and development planning of Longyuan South Africa in the forum. After listening to the report, Qiao Baoping put forward seven requirements for further work of Longyuan South Africa. The first is to pay more attention to quality and benefit, complete foundation grouting, to make sure safe commissioning with good quality, and realize predicted return on investment. The second is to lay more emphasis on expanding markets. Since the government of South Africa attaches much importance to power structure adjustment, and pays attention to environmental protection. Longyuan South Africa shall seize strategic opportunities, implement strategy of “One Belt One Road”, and expand energy market share. The third is to pay more attention to risk prevention and control, deeply analyze risks in all aspects, and effectively prevent, control and cope with various risks. The fourth is to pay more attention to environmental optimization, actively undertake social responsibilities and establish favorable cooperation partnership and public relation. The fifth is to attach importance to team building. Talents are the key and core for enterprise development, so the enterprise shall cultivate and build a talent team with high professional quality. The sixth is to lay more stress on Party building, insist on leadership of the Party on state-owned enterprises, strengthen Party style and clean government construction, and fully implement policies of the Party and requirements of Leading Party Group. The last is to form enterprise culture and spirits of united, vivacious, particularly hard working and fighting, particularly care overseas employees, solve their actual problems and eliminate all their worries back at home.
    Persons in charge of relevant departments of China Guodian Corporation and Chian Longyuan Power, as well as persons in charge of Longyuan South Africa attended the investigation and survey.