SASAC Director Goes to Longyuan South Africa for Attending the Investigation and Survey
  Site of Investigation and Survey
    On Dec. 4, Zhang Yi, the Director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) went to Longyuan Renewable Energy South Africa Ltd. for investigation and survey. Peng Huagang, the Deputy Secretary-General of SASAC, Guo Xiangyu, the Director General of SASAC Bureau of Policies and Regulations, Lu Zhijun, the Director General of SASAC Foreign Affairs Bureau, Xu Mingjun, the Board Secretary, General Manager Assistant and Director of General Office of China Guodian Corporation, and Li Enyi, the General Manager Assistant of China Guodian Corporation, and General Manager of China Longyuan Power accompanied the investigation and survey.
    In the investigation and survey symposium, Li Enyi introduced overall situations of China Longyuan Power from three aspects including focusing on business development, and basing on making wind power industry stronger and optimal; implementing innovation drive, and motivating enterprise development vitality; pushing “dual-improvement”, and enhancing comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Li said China Longyuan Power, as a professional company engaging in wind power development the earliest in China, put development prospect overseas in recent years according to the policy orientation of “going abroad” by SASAC and under the firm leadership of China Guodian Corporation while developing strong and optimal wind power industry; meanwhile Li emphasized the wind power development situations of China Longyuan Power in Canada and South Africa and the basic principle to implement “going abroad” policy and key strategic points of further work.
    After listening to the work report of China Longyuan Power, Zhang Yi showed sufficient affirmation for achievements made by China Longyuan Power. Zhang said that environmental problems such as air pollution are global issues, and the development of energies such as wind power is crucial to China and even the world. China needs to put great efforts to develop clean energies such as wind power. Meanwhile, Zhang believes that China Longyuan Power is a leading enterprise in new energy industry in China, and values innovation in business management; the operation benefits are prominent and achievements in technological innovation are remarkable. The South Africa-based wind power development project in Longyuan South Africa completely matches with “innovation, harmony, green, development and sharing” proposed in the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC. Firstly, Longyuan South Africa carries out system innovation, profit sharing and risk sharing; secondly, Longyuan South Africa should keep favorable communication of social public, actively undertake social responsibilities, benefit local residents and establish favorable public relations; thirdly, the wind power project that all great powers in the world are striving to develop is green and pollution-free project; fourthly, China is deeply implementing the strategy of “One Belt One Road”, and development of South Africa-based project also meets the requirements of “going abroad”; fifthly, China Longyuan Power should complete the project well and make all people share benefits from economic development and quality environment.
    Aiming at the further work of Longyuan South Africa, Zhang said that now is the best period for China - South Africa relationship. The development of Longyuan South Africa can deepen the cooperation between China and South Africa, and meanwhile bring severe challenges and competition from international first-class companies. China Longyuan Power should use first-class management, first-class technology and first-class level to make demonstrative engineering and benchmark project to win honor for China. Meanwhile, Zhang required SASAC to pay more attention and service to South Africa-based project of Longyuan, and make themed researches on how to support new energy development, and required relevant departments to fully guarantee new energy electricity consumption, and help solve difficulties met by new energy enterprises.
    During the investigation and survey period, Zhang expressed his sincere sympathy to front-line employees of Longyuan South Africa, knew their work status and living problems overseas in details, and warmly encouraged the employees stationed in South Africa to overcome difficulties, work sturdily and contribute to “going abroad” policy implementation of China Longyuan Power and clean power service in South Africa.
    Persons in charge of relevant departments of China Guodian Corporation, as well as personnel of China Longyuan Power and Longyuan South Africa attended the investigation and survey.