China Longyuan Power Wins First Prize of Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement for Power Industry in China

  Recently, the 2015 Enterprises Management Innovation Achievements for Power Industry in China reviewed by management experts in each field of power industry under organization of Enterprise Management Modernization Achievement Review Committee for Power Industry in China were announced. The Standard System Construction of New Energy Enterprises applied by China Longyuan Power stood out of 368 achievements applied in China Power Industry in 2015, and gained the first prize. Three achievements applied by Jiangsu Offshore Longyuan, Yunnan Longyuan and Liaoning Longyuan subordinating to China Longyuan Power gained the second prize.

  China Longyuan Power, founded in 1993, is the main body for China Guodian Corporation to invest in new energy industry, and is the power enterprise engaging in new energy development the earliest in China. As of the end of June, 2015, total installed capacity of various power sources has reached 17.723 GW, in which the wind power installed capacity reached 14.5682 GW, thus becoming the largest wind power operation in the world.

  In recent years, the new energy industry develops rapidly, capacity is serious excessive and the homogeneous competition becomes fiercer increasingly. China Longyuan Power properly proposed the third time venture, confirmed “eight-emphasis” centering at “strategic guidance, quality development, safety production, economic benefits, reform and innovation, scientific and technological support, enterprise culture and talent construction” according to the central objective of “creating internationally first-class new energy listed company”, realized “first-class benefits, first-class management, first-class technology and first-class talents” of the company based on “eight-emphasis”, and granted new connotation to “internationally first-class new energy enterprises”. The “one objective, four first-class and eight-emphasis” requires the Company possessing clear management elements, specific measurement indicators and clear evaluation standards during transformation and upgrading process, forming a set of enterprise standard system, and promoting systemization, refinement and standardization of various kinds of work.

  China Longyuan Power has, according to common characteristics of global advanced enterprises and combining industrial circumstances, internal and external environment as well as experiences of domestic and overseas advanced enterprises, formulated “internationally first-class new energy power enterprise standards” with characteristics of Longyuan, i.e. “Longyuan 723 Standards”.

  The China Longyuan Power “723” enterprise standard system is innovated in four characteristics. The first is comprehensive management elements; seven elements and 23 standards cover all management elements of business operation performance, strategic capability, talent team, management and control mode, innovation capability, social responsibility and brand influence, and penetrating various key links of business foundation management and enterprise operation; the internal connection among elements are dug out based on refining key elements of business management to form enterprise standard system. The second is advanced index system; confirm study and benchmarking object, recognize advanced enterprise characteristics, and gain necessary “hard indexes” and “soft indexes” of internationally first-class enterprises by screening common management standards of global advanced enterprises and industrial indexes of typical new energy enterprises; each level of index sufficiently shows development trend of internationally common first-class enterprises. The third is guiding work standard; the standard system clearly introduces steps and standard of each kind of work by forms, clarifies main work direction and objective, and applies advanced experiences to guidance of future development to make it as action guide for next step of work. The fourth is operable evaluation indexes. The enterprise index system is divided into six tiers, and the evaluation index (last tier) shall be set according to “quantitative” standards. The standard tier division is a process of index segmentation, and also implementation process of work direction and work contents.

  China Longyuan Power has implemented “internationally first-class new energy enterprise standards” in the Company for over one year, and implementation effects are mainly shown in four aspects: the first is that enterprise operation performance improves steadily; the second is unified management standard system is established by top-level design to play the leading role in future development; the third is that various functional block job missions and steps are more distinct; and the fourth is that enterprise standardized management level has been improved stably.