Qiao Baoping and Xie Changjun Attended the Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors of China Longyuan Power

  On August 18, China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited (China Longyuan Power) held the second meeting of the third session of the Board of Directors in 2015. Qiao Baoping, Chairman of the Board, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of China Guodian Corporation and Chairman of the Board of China Longyuan Power attended the meeting and delivered important address; Xie Changjun, Deputy President of China Guodian Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of China Longyuan Power attended the meeting as non-voting attendee; Li Enyi, General President Assistant of China Guodian Corporation, General President and Executive Director of China Longyuan Power attended the meeting and reported the business performance of the company in the first half of 2015; Personnel present at the meeting were also secretary of the Board of Directors, General President Assistant and related department heads of China Guodian Corporation as well as directors and supervisors, secretary of the Board of Directors, chief accountant of China Longyuan Power. The meeting was presided over by Qiao Baoping.


  Qiao Pointed out at the meeting that in the first half of the year, China Longyuan Power maintained a good momentum of development and achieved the steady improvement of business performance thanks to the solid leadership and the increasingly professional level of the leading group. Under the background of “Three Phase Superposition” and in the face of the pressure of economic downturn, surplus productivity and increasing difficulty in project construction, the company shall be prepared for danger in times of safety to meet the challenges and attach importance to the following several aspects in the future: The first is to emphasize the layout optimization. We shall integrate the resources inside and outside the company, and hold a special study on wind power market and make an in-depth analysis of wind power layout to make sure the development structure is more scientific and reasonable. The second is to emphasize the quality effectiveness. We shall build the beneficial consciousness, intensify the strength of marketing, enhance the quality of stock assets management, continuously tap the profit potential and stick to quality and benefit growth. The third is to emphasize key projects. We shall accelerate the pace of optimizing project reserve and construction, particularly boost the offshore wind power project and meanwhile, make a plan in advance to guarantee the integrity of the decision-making process and in-depth demonstration. The fourth is to emphasize overseas expansion. We shall continuously stick to the strategy of “Going Global”, build the platform for overseas investment, vigorously cultivate professional talents of expanding the overseas market, expand the pattern and scope of diversified international cooperation and simultaneously utilize the overseas financing institutions, innovate overseas financing channels and means and lower financing cost to make sure of the steady rate of return of overseas projects. The fifth is to emphasize the overall planning and coordination. China Longyuan Power is the core platform of China Guodian Corporation in wind power investment and development, so we should establish the overall viewpoint in the course of development, stick to “look around”, make an overall plan and coordination with the brother units of the Group system and go global together with the wind power manufacturing industry by utilizing our own professionalization advantage to guarantee the maximum of group benefit. The sixth is to emphasize centralized management and control. China Guodian Corporation is increasingly intensifying the strength of centralized management and control and firmly eradicates individuation and specialization. China Longyuan Power is an important part of the centralized management and control system, so we should coordinate with China Guodian Corporation in such key areas as bid inviting and finance to promote the work efficiency and quality. The seventh is to emphasize reform and innovation. China Longyuan Power, a listed company in the international capital market, should take the initiative to seek for reform and innovation to sum up and accumulate the guiding experience in structure and mechanism construction and constantly popularize it within China Guodian Corporation. The eighth is to emphasize work style construction. At present, inspection tour by the CPC central committee of discipline inspection commission has been regularly made, so we should stick to “the CPC must manage his party”, and vigorously promote the construction of the Party conduct and clean and honest government to guarantee the integrity of cadres.


  The Board of Directors deliberated and adopted the two Proposals on China Longyuan Power 2015 Mid-year Report and Performance Report and China Longyuan Power 2015 Mid-year Financial Statement.


  After the meeting, China Longyuan Power held the second meeting of the third session of the Board of Supervisors in 2015, which was presided over by Xie Changjun. The Board of Supervisors deliberated and adopted the Proposal on China Longyuan Power 2015 Mid-year Report and Performance Report.