China Longyuan Power 2015 Mid-year Working Conference Held

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  During July 21 and 22, China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited held 2015 Mid-year Working Conference in Beijing. The meeting comprehensively implemented the spirits of 2015 Mid-year Working Conference of Group Company, reviewed various achievements gained in the first half year, analyzed situations and problems the company is facing, deployed work in the second half year, and mobilized all cadres and employees to further clarify targets, gather strength and strive hard for construction of the internationally first-class listed new energy company. Li Enyi, the President Assistant of Group Company and President of China Longyuan Power, Huang Qun, the Secretary of Party Leadership Group of China Longyuan Power, as well as Zhang Yuan, Jia Nansong, He Shen, Zhang Baoquan, Zhang Binquan and Chang Shihong, leaders of China Longyuan Power attended the meeting. In the meeting, Li Enyi made a work report and Huang Qun delivered a summary speech.

  Li pointed out in the work report that in the first half year of 2015, under the firm leadership of Party Leadership Group of Group Company and Board of Directors of China Longyuan Power, the company system carefully implemented the core strategy of “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian New Strategy and New Concept”, sturdily carried out “dual-improvement” work, actively coped to new normal of operation and development trend around spirits of working conference in the beginning of the year, insisted on “eight-emphasis”, pursued “four first-class”, strengthened operating management, deepened reform and innovation, spared no efforts to promote various aspects of work, and kept favorable operation and development trend. Firstly, the production and operating achievements were outstanding; secondly, early work was promoted stably; thirdly, engineering construction realized historical breakthrough; fourthly, enterprise management kept strengthening; and fifthly ideology and politics about party building was strengthened comprehensively.

  Li pointed out when analyzing existing situations that in March this year, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council released Several Opinions on Further Deepening Power System Reform to officially launch new round power system reform. The basic principle and objective is to insist on energy conservation and emission reduction, promote energy structure optimization and improve the ratio of renewable power generation in power supply. Then the National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administrative successively released Guiding Opinions on Regulating and Promoting More and Full Power Generation of Clean Energy and Notice on2015 Wind Power Grid Connection Consumption, which are expected to ease wind power restriction problem. Li emphasized that the current operating and development trend is favorable continuously, but the company is also facing some challenges. However, in general the opportunities are superior to the challenges; we should both become confident and make determination for transformation development, and strengthen sense of crisis and sense of urgency to seize opportunities, meet challenges and create a new phase of operation and development.

  For the general working thoughts in the second half year, Li emphasized that the company should carefully implement the spirits of mid-year working conference of Group Company, take “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian New Strategy and New Concept” core strategy as orientation, deepen “dual-improvement”, insist on “eight-emphasis”, pursue “four first-class”, strengthen operating management, deepen reform and innovation, promote superior development, comprehensively improve integrated strength and competitiveness of the company, and accelerate construction internationally first-class listed new energy company. In order to guarantee various objectives in the entire year are completed, Li required that in the second half year the company should pay attention to the following aspects: the first is to comprehensively deepen “dual-improvement”, and improve operating level of stock assets; greatly push forward “dual-improvement”, consolidate foundation of safety production, overall strengthen “striving for every KWH of electricity”, strengthen assets operation and management, and improve profitability of the enterprise; the second is to strengthen awareness of benefits, and improve development quality of increment assets; stably develop quality resources, improve early work quality, strengthen project progress control, build quality project, and realize sustainable development with good quality and benefits; the third is to deepen system and mechanism reform, and improve enterprise management standards; comprehensively hang solid foundation management, innovate management system and mechanism, innovate employment mechanism, implement technology and innovation drive, and further enhance development power of the company; the fourth is to strengthen ideological and political work of party building, and comprehensively create harmonious atmosphere; strengthen party organization building, strive to build happy Longyuan, and gather strengthen for development of the company.

  Huang Qun pointed out in the summary speech that the work report is based on “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian New Strategy and New Concept” of Group Company, accurately masters the spirits of mid-year working conference of Group Company and actual development situations of the company, and is practical and operable.

  For the problem how to implement spirits of the conference, Huang proposed three requirements: the first is to implement governing party strictly, and transfer the advantages of the party to development and competition advantages. Under the new situation, the company should deeply comprehend new ideas and new judgments of the Central Committee, strictly abide by the political discipline and rules of the Party, comprehensively implement the requirement of governing party by party and governing strictly, ceaselessly strengthen and improve construction of the party and ensure healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise; fully implement party building assessment, and realize overall improvement of party building work; carefully carry out “Three Strict and Three Real” special education, and improve competence and customer satisfaction; strengthen enterprise culture and anti-corruption and honest government building, and gather employees to jointly seek for development. The second is to further optimize development layout centering at economic benefits. At present, the wind power development direction and technological progress are gradually leading the early work of Longyuan to a higher refined, professional and digital level. In the first half of the year, the company adjusted working thoughts in time, rapidly adapted to new development situations, and gained favorable achievements in the aspect of development quality improvement, showing in innovating macroscopic site selection, rapidly and efficiently locking resources, quantifying wind resources, accurately analyzing resource endowment conditions; individually designing wind farm, breaking through WTG technologies, and accelerating upgrading. In the second half year, the company should work hard continuously, pay more emphasis and sustainably improve quality depth of early work; accelerate development, continuously expand quality resource reserve, and make sure the company development enters to a new step. The third is to deepen “dual-improvement” of wind power, and make sure full-year objectives can be completed. In the first half year, the company system insisted on problem orientation, comprehensively looked up and settled problems and insufficiencies in each link, and formulated targeted rectification measures. In the next stage except development, the company should continuously deepen the “dual-improvement” in the following aspects: strengthening safety production, and sparing no efforts to generate power; accelerating engineering construction and making sure project putting into production as scheduled; strengthening assets management and striving to reduce operating costs; promoting scientific innovation and building wind power big data platform; tamping foundation management and comprehensively improving management level.

  In the conference, other members of Leadership Team of the company delivered speeches respectively for the work they took charge of. Six departments including Planning and Operation Department, Planning and Development Department, Financial Property Department, Safety Production Department, Engineering Construction Department and Enterprise Management and Legal Affairs Department respectively made special reports, and eight companies including Jiangsu Longyuan, Shanxi Longyuan, Longyuan Design, Yunnan Longyuan, Inner Mongolia Longyuan, Jiangsu Offshore, Anhui Longyuan and Liaoning Longyuan made exchange speeches. The advanced units and individuals of “Work Hard for Three Hundred Days, Spare no Effort to Reach Objective” wind power development and construction labor emulation were awarded. In the conference, the President’s Work Report and Special Reports of relevant departments were discussed by groups, and attendees proposed valuable recommendations on operation and management of the company.

  The Chief Engineer, President Assistant of China Longyuan Power, Persons in charge of each department, and main persons in charge of party affairs of each subordinated unit attended the meeting.