China Longyuan Power “Strict Self-cultivation” Themed Workshop Held



  On July 10, China Longyuan Power held “Strict Self-cultivation” Seminar & Central Group Extended Learning of Party Group. All members of leading group attended the meeting, and Huang Qun, the Secretary of Party Leadership Group presided over the meeting.


  In the meeting, members of Leading Group earnestly studied the important address from General Secretary Xi Jinping when meeting China outstanding county party secretaries and materials themed as Group Company’s deepening state-owned enterprise reform. Attended members made statements one by one and discussed around the theme of “Strictly Cultivate Moral Character, Strengthen Party Spirit Cultivation, Firm Ideals and Faith, and Control the ‘Main Switch’ of Thoughts and Actions”. Through learning and discussion, all members reached consensus in three aspects. The first is that they further improved the political consciousness and action consciousness for practicing “Three Strict and Three Real”, more comprehensively, systematically and accurately comprehended the profound connotation of “Three Strict and Three Real” and “strict self-cultivation”, accurately controlled the goal orientation and value orientation of cadre work style construction under new circumstances and new normal, and kept high consistence with requirements of the Party Central Committee and Group Company in ideas and actions; the second is that they further clarified the thought of self-discipline, self-cultivation and venture; took “strict self-cultivation” as basic principle of “power use, self-discipline, self-cultivation and venture”, firmly establish a correct world outlook, the outlook on life and values, devises base line and principle of conduct and work, and clarified work approaches and thoughts; the third is that they further gathered the joint efforts to strictly and practically promote the development of the company; proposed higher standards and more strict requirements for later work by deliberating the insufficiencies in aspects of Party cultivation, ideas and faith and combining actual situations closely, and laid favorable foundation for promoting healthy, sustainable and advantageous development of the company.


  Aiming at next step of “Three Strict and Three Real” themed education, Huang emphasized that the first is to improve ideological understanding, practically enhance sense of responsibility and sense of mission for themed education and implement completely the deployment and requirements of the superior; the second is to strengthen supervision and guidance, and make sure the themed education of the company develops sturdily and promote completely; the third is to achieve actual effects, and promote the new step of production and operation development of the company by new achievements of style construction.


  During the entire process of the meeting, all attended members were serious and earnestly, spoke out freely, combined theories with practices, and achieved favorable effect of “the below following the superior, and seeking truth”.


  Persons in charge of departments concerned, and personnel from “Three Strict and Three Real” Themed Education Office attended the meeting as non-voting attendees.