General News
China Longyuan’s Approved Capacity of Wind Power Projects Exceeded 2,000MW
Longyuan Technology Company Won the Third Prize of Standardization Administration of China’s Power Enterprises
The Wind Power Forecasting System of Longyuan Power Witnessed One-Year Stable Running
A Staff of Nantong Tianshenggang Power Saved a Drowning Child
The Oil Monitoring Center of Longyuan (Beijing) Wind Power Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Accredited by the CNAS
Jiangsu Longyuan Power Appeared on Jiangsu Business Innovation Achievements Exhibition
China Longyuan Power Organized and Conducted Induction Training for its New Employees in 2011
Communist Party Committee of Shanxi Longyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd. Conferred the Honorary Title of “Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization”
Emergency Response Plan Drill Conducted in the Safety-Production Month of 2011 in Hainan Longyuan Power
China Longyuan Power Holds Training Program on Financial Management, Namely Insurance Management
China Longyuan Power holds training course for secretaries and correspondents
China Longyuan Power holds training program for HR
China Longyuan Power launches its “Green Care Action” in order to promote the construction of a harmonious enterprise
Jiangsu Offshore Longyuan is Awarded as Advanced Unit on Energy Work of Jiangsu Province
China Longyuan Power Holds Its 2011 Conference of Labor Union’s Work
Playing Bravely in the Sports Field to Build a Strong Body, Longyuan Workers Strive for Excellence---China Longyuan Power Holds Successfully the First Matches of Table Tennis and Badminton among Its W
China Longyuan Power held second training program for young and middle-aged cadres in Beijing
Joint project of the Evaluation on the Economic Effects of Wind Power Environment by China Longyuan and China Academy of Sciences has passed the acceptance check
The Launching Ceremony of Grid-connected Golmud large-size PV power station of China Longyuan was held grandly
China Longyuan attended Shenzhen Hi-tech Fair
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