The Launching Ceremony of Grid-connected Golmud large-size PV power station of China Longyuan was held grandly

On Nov. 16, the Launching Ceremony of Grid-connected Golmud Large-scale PV Power Station was grandly held on the site of Phase 1 Golmud 20MW PV Generation Project. Leaders,such as Liu Qi, Vice Bureau Director of the NEA, Xu Fushun, member of the Standing Committee of Qinghai Provincial Committee of the CPC and Vice Governor of the province, had attended this ceremony. Besides more than 200 representatives from the Development and Reform Commission of the West, the National Energy Agency (NEA) as well as associations of new energy industry, scientific research organizations and enterprises of investment and equipment manufacture. Liu Qi and Xu Fushun jointly started the launching ball of the power station’s connection to the grid. Zhang Yuan, Vice GM of China Longyuan, held this launching ceremony.

In the ceremony, Liu Qi made an important speech. He fully recognized the demonstrative role of Phase 1 of Golmud 20MW PV Generation Project of China Longyuan, which resulted from the application of multi-modes of technologies in the project. He says, “PV industry is not only an important strategic industry, but also an emerging industry which conforms to the tendency of international energy application. At the present stage, the major direction is to promote the technological improvement and reduce the construction cost so as to realize the scale operation and sustainable development of the industry. We encourage the development enterprises with great strength and those majoring in the manufacture of PV equipments to develop rapidly and enhance the technological level of PV industry and its operation management level so as to lay a good foundation for the development of the solar energy resources in domestic China.”

After the ceremony, leaders including Liu Qi and Xu Fushun visited the site of Phase 1 of Golmud 20MW PV Generation Project of China Longyuan with great interest.

During the ceremony, the National Observation and Exchange Conference on the Construction of PV Stations was also held by the NEA and the People’s Government of Qinghai Province.