Public Announcement of the Stock Exchange
China Longyuan Power’s Three CDM Projects including Sunjiaying Shangchang Wind Power Project in Wengniute Banner, Inner Mongolia Have Been Successfully Registered and the Accumulated Number of the CDM
Overseas Regulatory Announcement
The CDM Projects of Xing’an Wind Farm in Hulunbeir and of Wudaogou Xigouli Wind Farm in Wengniute Banner in Inner Mongolia Have Been Successfully Registered
China Longyuan Power succeeded in the issuing of the second round of 3-billion-yuan corporate bonds
Announcement - Power Generation for January 2011
Longyuan Tongliao Naiman Banner Baxiantong Chagantala Wind Power CDM Project has been successfully registered
The Approved Capacity of China Longyuan Power for Wind Power Project has Created a New Record,38 Wind Power Projects has been Approved in 2010 with Capacity of 2030MW
Xinjiang Alashankou Wind Farm CDM Project of China Longyuan Power Registered Successfully,30 CDM projects has been Newly Registered in 2010 with the Total Installed Capacity of 1439.10 MW
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