Production Safety

We regard production safety as the essential matter for the development of enterprises, sticking to the guideline of “put safety in the first place, give priority to prevention, and conduct comprehensive treatment”, and make great efforts to launch management of “standardization, informationtization, integration, and elaboration”, thus having explored and shaped up a whole set of production safety management system suitable for the development of Longyuan Group.
Standardization: We carry out standardization of work for production safety personnel. We are provided with a high-intermediate production safety management team with an understanding of technologies and management, a large batch of outstanding operation, inspection and repair, maintenance personnel who are devoted to their work and cherish their posts that struggle on the frontline of production, which is an important guarantee for the production safety in the enterprises.
Informationtization:We have developed a series of informationtization management software for the remote real-time monitoring system, equipment ledger management system, spare part and component management system, post-production assessment system, and the production wind measurement management system, thus improving the informationization of production safety while effectively improving the work efficiency.
Integration:We established a professional inspection and repair company responsible for major repairs, debugging, status inspection, and technical supervision, etc. to provide reliable technical guarantee, thus effectively reduced maintenance costs as well. A spare part and component service center has been established for all components purchased, managed and dispatched uniformly, thus cutting down the time for equipment out of action and improving the availability of equipment.
Elaboration:We carry out spot inspection management of equipment, with the standard system of spot inspection technologies perfect incessantly, reinforce our treatment of equipment defects and latent safety troubles, and ensure the equipment under control and run safely. We will continue to make efforts to further improvement on our level of production safety management and the health of the equipment, set up and consummate the long-term production safety mechanism attempting to cultivate a safety-natured power generation enterprise.