Carbon Credits Development

Longyuan Group actively develops the carbon credits generated by its renewable energy projects, facilitating its partners in meeting their compliance or voluntary target of emission reductions.


As No.1 wind power operator in Asia and No.5 globally, Longyuan Group is also a worldwide leader in wind power carbon credits development.


Longyuan group owns a 100% subsidiary specialized in carbon credits development, Longyuan (Beijing) Carbon Asset Management Technology Co., Ltd., which enjoys a leading position in China’s power industry with its experience, expertise and excellent performance.




Up to June 30, 2010, Longyuan Group has developed 100+ CDM projects (all wind power but one), among which 30+ has been registered by EB.

Longyuan Group’s partners on CDM projects include several European governments and energy companies.




Longyuan Group applies the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), an internationally recognized VER standard, to develop its VER projects, all of which are validated and verified by accredited auditors and registered and issued at VCS registries.


Longyuan Group’s partners on VER projects include several European and American banks, law firms and manufacturers.


All Longyuan Group’s VER projects are renewable ones with significant environmental benefits and positive social image, and are therefore perfect choice for carbon footprint offset and corporate social responsibility.


Longyuan Group welcomes all potential partners and is open to any flexible cooperation, including providing partial VERs of a project.